Mind mastery of Life

“You are connected to renewal naturally and effortlessly. All you need to do is to let the process of renewal become part of your outlook on life. Body and mind are one thing, an expression of consciousness.”
Deepak Chopra

Your mind is in charge of your body. If you are able to let go of the conditioning you received by your family around deseases and death, you have the possibility to enjoy a life with all your capabilities. There are people who always have some kind of sickness or physical problems. These are mainly family patterns or ways of punishing themselves for guilt or shame they buried in their unsconscious. In this training, we will give you the oportunity to look at these patterns and beliefs, unravel your blocks to health and happiness, and connect to your higher self.

Water Rebirthing

Water is the element of life. You were evolving in wáter during pregnancy, it prevails in your body. Water is connected with consciousness and has got memory. It is the carrier of primordial intelligence, it creates the structure of DNA and proteins. Water is related to emotions, as they have the strongest impact on it. It responds to the quality of your thoughts and your feelings. The imprint they leave on is carried with water on and on in eternal movement as water constitutes, migrates, and interpenetrates everything. For the same reason, Breathwork in water is very powerful as it releases from your cellular memory all negativity and toxicity no matter where it is coming from. Breathing in the water magnifies the therapeutic effects of the Rebirthing Breathwork process and imprints an unforgettable experience of expansion and growth for you.

Water Rebirthing Breathwork is the process that addresses the issues of death and fear. The primary concept of death forms mostly but not completely in the womb. By exploring the ways you connect with your own subconscious death urge, you give yourself the opportunity to start unraveling the metaphorical and literal mindset that creates a lack of vitality in your life. Often the effect of this subconscious death urge colors relationships, creates ‘no exit’ situations as well as generates trapped feelings and difficult or stuck emotions.

Join us in this magical journey to eternity.

Information about Geert de Vleminck: About – Joy Of Life Breathwork


  • Unconsious beliefs and patterns around desease/aging/death
  • Creation of new beliefs and patterns
  • Lower Self versus Higher Self
  • Past lives and Ancestors Healing
  • How to make your life work
  • Breathwork sessions in Water

Price: 120€

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