Silke Modersohn

Founder and Director of the International Breathwork and Self-Esteem Center PURA VIDA TENERIFE

  • Breathwork, Coaching, Rebirthing, Liberation Breathing in Spain, Germany, Great Britain and United States.
  • Teacher and participant of the International Self-Esteem Project in Connecticut, USA.
  • Spanish Representative of the International Breathwork Foundation IBF.
  • 1982 Interpreter and Translator by the Language University Munich.
  • 1985 a 1994 Owner of an organic farm in Germany (Demeter, Bioland, Naturland).
  • 1999 a 2004Hotel Director in La Gomera (Hotel de Triana, Apartamentos Tarajales, El Cabrito)
  • 2005Rebirther Training in Tenerife (Escuela Canaria de Respiración)
  • 2006 a 2007 Rebirther Training with Leonard Orr in Spain, Germany and USA
  • 2007 a 2010Organizer, Coordinator and instructor of Leonard Orr in Canary Islands
  • 2010 Foundation of PURA VIDA TENERIFE, International Breathwork and Self-Esteem Center in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
  • 2009 a 2016 Training with Bob Mandel in United States, Rebirthing and Inernational Self-esteem Project.
  • Organizer and coordinator of Bob Mandel in Canary Islands
  • 2015 Organizer of the worldwide event “Global Inspiration Congress GIC” in Tenerife, also presenting the Iceman de Wim Hof.
  • 2016 a 2017 Training with Sondra Ray and Markus Ray “Liberation Breathing” in Bali, India and Great Britain.
  • Since 2016 Organizer and Coordinator of Sondra Ray in Canary Islands

When I discovered Rebirthing Breathwork my life changed completely. I really got born again. And I continue breathing and Rebirthing, knowing that everything I need is inside of me in every moment of my life.

Silke Modersohn

Author of

My purpose is to support people to know themselves, find their power and self-love – quite different to selfishness. I put my experience and my knowledge at service for humanity to create more health and well-being in this world. In my first Rebirthing Breathwork sessions I experienced sensations I had never felt before and even didn’t know that existed: deep peace, unconditional love, happiness and understanding. As I continued to do Rebirthing these sensations became part of my daily life.

Silke Modersohn


With a background in care work and a long standing interest in breath integration as well as natural and alternative approaches to health, Gosia trained as Yoga Teacher in 2014 in Dharamshala in India.
Hatah Yoga
She believes that practicing yoga with conscious breathing is a beautiful way to heal both physical and emotional conditions and to connect with your inner strenght. In her Hatha Yoga classes Gosia helps to develop the ability to stay present in the body with what you feel. The breath is enabling this special connection. She aims to teach from her heart, with calmness and joy, in order to support her clients to take that lighter, nourished feeling off the mat and into their life!

Prenatal Yoga & Hypnobirthing

Gosia experience of becoming a mother led to an interest in alternative antenatal support, pregnancy yoga and active birth. She is a passionate advocate for the Hypnobirthing techniques and pregnancy yoga preparation, that helped her throughout pregnancy and led to a calm and blissful birth of her daughter Alma in 2016. Here again The Breath was the biggest ally, that allowed to stay present, connect with inner self and allow the birth to unfold in its own unique and natural form. After that experience Gosia has trained and certified in London as Hypnobirthing Prectitioner in 2016 and then specialised as Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Bristol in 2017.

Since then Gosia has been working with women and couples. She feels greatful for the oportunity to share the knowlege and support parents as they embark upon the most special journey of welcoming the child into the world.


  • 2018 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training– at Bristol School of Yoga in Bristol.
  • 2016 Hypnobirthing Practitioner – certified by Hypnobirthing Training Academy in London.
  • 2014 Multi Style Yoga Teacher Traininig (200 Hours) at Siddhi Yoga in Dharamshala
  • 2014 Thai Massage Training in Chiang Mai
  • 2010 National Vocational Qualfication in Health and Social Care in London
  • 2006 Master Degree in Slavonic Philology in Wrocław