June 29th to July 2nd 2023

Live a meaningful and peaceful life

Training on how to live a healthy life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
The retreat is an opportunity to practice tools that help you to stay connected to yourself or your divine source on a daily basis. We tend to get lost in the exterior and we need to know how to return effectively and easily to ourselves.
When you want to build something, without useful and easy-to-use tools it will be a difficult and arduous task. But if you have good tools and you know how to use them – because you have been practicing – it is easy and pleasant.
This is what we will do in the retreat, practice tools.


  • Yoga and Breathing exercises adapted to your level
  • Complete daily sessions of Conscious and Connected Breathing
  • Prepare delicious vegetarian food
  • Option of a fast or semi-fast day with fresh and delicious juices
  • Breathing next to a fire
  • Breathe in water
  • Enjoy nature with a walk in the forest
  • Enjoy a swim in the sea
  • Spend a day in silence
  • Learn how to heal emotional wounds
  • Play again and laugh

The retreat is an unforgettable experience of well-being that you enjoy in Pura Vida Tenerife.

Comments Retreat 2022


Freeing myself from negative energy.
Loving myself more and increasing my capacity to give and receive love.
Connecting with unlimited love.
Meeting many beautiful people and making new friends.
Getting closer to my true self.


I have slept a lot. I felt at home, free and cared for.
I have realised how exhausted I was.
I connected with forgiveness and received a lot of inspiration.


I feel blessed to have found Pura Vida Tenerife, Rebirthing and Silke.
I have so much more clarity now, and lightness.
The group was fantastic.


I got rid of my discomfort and stomach ache.
I feel reconnected with my goal of putting myself first. I have used the time to reflect on an important decision to make. I was reminded that the tools of Rebirthing work and just need to be applied.


I was able to change some of my beliefs “I can’t rely on the support of other people, especially women”.
I have had a very different experience here that has transformed me.
Another belief I have changed is “I have to go through pain to get attention”.
I will integrate the breathing practice into my daily practice.


A perfect gift.
Life is a game.
I have enjoyed myself very much.
I see myself clearly.
This experience has strengthened me, it has taught me the best version of myself and I will not forget it.
I have met very interesting people of great human quality.
I have felt cared for and loved


What I have been able to achieve in these 4 days has been self-confidence, to know that I can control my body and my thoughts, to know how to affirm everything I want to achieve, and to transmit it through the words I express and thus be able to teach it to my family.

Maria Jose

Benefits of the workshop.
Disconnecting from everyday life.
New experiences with breathing.
Meeting interesting people.
Getting to know myself better.


Now I feel full of Love and gratitude. I feel free and fearless.


I feel more connected to myself and my inner state.
I have released pains stored inside me.
I am more at peace with my mother and father.
I have met many loving people who have supported me and shown me that I am not alone.
I feel stronger to take the next steps in my life.
I feel free.


I have been able to connect and get my fears, anger and frustration out.
I feel closer to myself and from now on I want to connect more with my BEING on a daily basis.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


I had been carrying tons of weight in my soul, I couldn’t see anything because of so much darkness.
I feel that weight has been lifted, there is hope now.
A great space for growth has been created.
Thank you very much.


To accept and be open to the care, love and support of others (I realised I had rejected it before).
A new YES to life.
A strong reminder to choose positive thoughts and build self-confidence in this way.


I now trust myself and my path more.


This retreat has helped me to connect with my strength.
I have been able to answer many questions “where do my suffering, anger and fears come from”. This is the beginning for a lighter, more peaceful and healthier life. For many years I was at war with my body, here I found peace and acceptance.
I have also learned that it is okay to make mistakes, that I am good and loved.
I have more confidence in myself.

No prior knowledge is required.

Price: 300€

Includes room and food

Enrolment and further questions


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