I decided to marry myself a month before I turned 40. I wanted to do something symbolic and important to me on such an important birthday. I felt that marrying myself is something fun, deep and meaningful that I can do to acknowledge commitment to myself.

I wanted to marry all the parts of me, inside me, especially these parts that I have tried to deny or reject. For me, marrying myself was a very profound act of self-acceptance. To marry me was to say that I accept me, all of me, even the parts that are not nice, like jealousy or occasional depressions. Saying this out loud and with the symbolic details of a wedding is very powerful.
Marrying me was in no way a commitment to remain single or celibate. I had a boyfriend at the time. It was more a commitment to self-love. I think that makes me better at relationships because I take responsibility for my own care and happiness.


  • Self-acceptance
  • Acceptance of the other
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing past hurts
  • Giving and receiving support
  • Creating a positive self-image
  • Spiritual connection
  • Breathing sessions
  • Wedding with yourself

The Self-Esteem retreat is an intensive course to connect with yourself.

While Selfishness is based on a lack of self-love and serves to fill this void, Self-Esteem is about filling this void with love and respect for oneself. It is connecting with these faults and healing them.

Normally we seek to fill the emptiness with people, work, food, distractions of any kind.

It is time to come back to you and connect with the wonderful being that you are. THEN you are able to love truly or unconditionally.

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Price: 300€

Accommodation and meals included

Maximum 8 participants

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Self-Esteem Retreat - Marry yourself


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