Live a meaningful and peaceful life

Training on how to live a healthy life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
The retreat is an opportunity to practice tools that help you to stay connected to yourself or your divine source on a daily basis. We tend to get lost in the exterior and we need to know how to return effectively and easily to ourselves.
When you want to build something, without useful and easy-to-use tools it will be a difficult and arduous task. But if you have good tools and you know how to use them – because you have been practicing – it is easy and pleasant.
This is what we will do in the retreat, practice tools.
Retreat Content:

  • 1. Yoga and Breathing exercises adapted to your level
  • 2. Complete daily sessions of Conscious and Connected Breathing
  • 3. Prepare delicious vegetarian food
  • 4. Option of a fast or semi-fast day with fresh and delicious juices
  • 5. Breathing next to a fire
  • 6. Breathe in water
  • 7. Enjoy nature with a walk in the forest
  • 8. Enjoy a swim in the sea
  • 9. Spend a day in silence
  • 10. Learn how to heal emotional wounds
  • 11. Play again and laugh

The retreat is an unforgettable experience of well-being that you enjoy in Pura Vida Tenerife.

Monday 17

Arrival, Presentation, Breathing and Meditation Session, Playing

Friday 21

Yoga, Conclusions of the previous day, Breathing and Meditation Session, Excursion to Teide or other places according to the group’s wish.

Tuesday 18

Yoga, Foundations of Vitality and Creativity, Breathing and Meditation Session, Time on the Beach, Meditation with fire

Saturday 22

Yoga, Farmers Market Visit, Common Food Preparation, Breathing and Meditation Session, Afternoon of Games and Fun

Wednesday 19

Yoga, Our relationship with the four elements: air, water, fire and earth. Breathing and Meditation in water (Jacuzzi and pool), Walk in the forest, Meditation with fire

Sunday 23

Closing of the Retreat, Breathing and Meditation Session, Farewell Circle and Karma cleaning

Thursday 20

Day of silence and Vision Quest, fasting or semi-fast optional with fresh fruit juices, Meditation with fire.

*No activity is mandatory

Price: € 550

August 1 have a 20% discount
Registrations until August 9 have a 10% discount

Next retreat September 14-20

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