On 20 February 2021 I started my journey to Tenerife. A three-week trip to begin my training as a rebirther with Silke at the Pura Vida Centre. I was aware that this trip would change me, because that is why I had decided to do the training, but I did not expect that I would completely change myself, my life and my view of life in just three weeks. 
These three weeks I took time just for myself and was lovingly supported by Silke. In the beautiful, peaceful place of Pura Vida, I was able to take a break from everyday life and turn completely inward to myself. Silke gave me breathing sessions, shared her knowledge and wisdom with me, but most of all she taught me to get in touch with my own inner wisdom and intuition. I was allowed to share her daily routines, which gave me a new perspective. I have been in silent and I fasted and  I have breathed deeply and danced from a free heart. I got to know myself in a new way, I got to know life in a new way and since then I have been changing and evolving every day and becoming freer, happier and more and more myself. 
When I came back to Munich after this trip, I realised that my life no longer suited me and finally decided to quit my job and go to Tenerife. I have been living in the Pura Vida Centre since July 2021.