Rebirthing is a method of introspection, integration and deep relaxation.

What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing has two components:

Conscious Connected Breathing

Through conscious connected breathing you free your breathing mechanism, achieve a good breathing capacity (normally people use only 10% of their capacity) and detox your body (80% of toxics are eliminated by breathing). It fills your body with life energy which cleans and unblocks emotional, mental and physical limitations. Your joy of life increases, your health gets better; you are more productive and more relaxed.

Thoughts create your Reality

Our thoughts create our reality. In order to create your life, you need to know your thoughts. The problem is there are many unconscious thoughts imprinted in our system that react in an unconscious way. Whenever you react to something, you can be sure it is an unresolved pattern.

Rebirthing is making the unconscious conscious and heals the past. This is real freedom.

Making something conscious is half of the healing, the conscious connected breathing is the other half.

Traumas or unresolved situations inhibit our natural state of happiness and create mechanisms of self-defense in order to avoid feeling the pain and tension created by them.

Rebirthing is not only a Breathing Technique but a way of living. If you wish to be aware of yourself, happy and healthy, this is for you.

Rebirthing is a method of introspection, integration and deep relaxation.

Rebirthing is an easy and powerful inner healing process, which is the only thing that really works. You can try to change partner, work, place, country but if you don´t change you will get to the same point again and again.


The simple act of conscious breathing constitutes the most powerful healing element in the body.

Leonard Orr

Benefits of Rebirthing

  • Your general health gets better.
  • You achieve peace, calmness and happiness connecting to you higher self.
  • You learn how to manage your emotions (stress, anxiety, sadness, pessimism…).
  • You change limiting thoughts created by infancy ocurrences.
  • You experience more vitality and joy in your life.
  • You achieve natural balance among body, mind and spirit.
  • You unlock your breathing mechanism and amplify your lung capacity.
  • You activate oxygenation in your blood.
  • You eliminate toxins and assimilate nutrients better.
  • You rise your energy level and immune system.
  • You rejuvenate your body and appearance.
  • You balance your nervous system.
  • You relieve pain and health problems.
  • You sleep calmly.
  • You recover your self-esteem and overcome doubts.
  • You communicate better in your personal relationships and conflict management.
  • You overcome addictions, fears, phobias and panic attacks.
  • You activate your mental efficiency and unlock your creativity and intuition.
  • You concentrate better and recover your memory.
  • You easily resolve inner conflicts.
  • You overcome separations, changes in life, death of loved ones and other traumatic situations.

Private Sessions

A Rebirthing Session is a space of trust and security where the client can open up to the professional to share what is not working in his/her life, what hurts and where support is needed. The Rebirther will guide the person to find the unconscious blocking thoughts, beliefs and habits that are creating a problem. The purpose of the sessions is personal growth and transformation, an opportunity to check and change our life story.

Duration of a session is about 2 hours.

We recommend receiving ten sessions. The principle idea of these ten sessions is to give the client the opportunity to manifest changes and be able to autonomously practice and take sessions on his own.

Price: 95€

The Founder


He was born in New York in 1938. At the end of the sixties he started to develop what was later called Rebirthing, with the support of Sondra Ray and many others. Rebirthing is based on Eastern Breathwork techniques and it is considered a therapeutic tool to reduce tension, create more energy and to have better interpersonal relationships.

He wrote books as “Rebirthing in the New Age” (1983), “The Healing Manual”, “Breaking the Death Habit” (1998). In his books he declares that breath is the power of the mind and the origin of our power in the physical world. This Breathwork technique is a physical, mental and spiritual experience.

Learning to breathe correctly and learn, at the same time, how to use the power of our thoughts for our own benefit, are the most important activities a human being can learn.

Leonard Orr

Purpose of Rebirthing

According to Jim Leonard, the aim of Rebirthing is integration. Integration is the process by which something unpleasant and unknown of a person changes to something wonderful in his normal consciousness. According to this view, integration is the opposite of repression. Repression is the process of deciding that something is unpleasant and striving to move it away from consciousness in order not to feel its cause.  Integration is the process of bringing into consciousness something that in the past was repressed and choosing to enjoy it. The repression of any experience is always associated with a negative belief. A negative belief is a thought that has at least one of the following components: it is unfortunate that it is this way- unpleasant-but it is just as it must be -election-. When a belief is repressed it is no longer lived as a simple belief but becomes a reality for that person.

It is often said that Rebirthing seeks to re-create the past, even reaching the moment of birth, , conception, or any experience of the past. Recreating the past, we look for repressed negative beliefs to bring them back to memory and to look at them in a way that they are integrated, transforming them into new positive beliefs. You could say that it is about understanding those situations from another vision that supports you in the present.

The personal Lie and the specific negatives:

Personal Lie is the most limiting thought-belief-feeling a person has about him/herself. As long as this Personal Lie is not healed, it is gaining strength due to innumerable co-creations that we make from this limiting state, projecting painful experiences.

These Personal Lies are introduced into our mind during the earliest periods of our existence, normally in perinatal stage and by parenting. Many times they are inherited from the parents. They are part of the unconscious and therefore not aware.

Examples of personal lies: I cannot, I’m not worthy, I’m stupid, I’m a nuisance, I’m not enough, I’m a failure …

There are two possibilities to live the personal lie. One is accepting it and the other is overcompensating, which means struggling with huge effort to show the world that you are capable, worthy, intelligent, a gift, enough, a success…

Example: a person whose personal lie is a failure, can mount his whole life from the overcompensation of success, and therefore strive to achieve everything that society considers as  success.

It is very frequent that people who live in overcompensation end up having a great crisis or break in their lives, a wonderful healing opportunity.

Other people live with their personal lies very close, take it for a truth about them and create their reality around that thought.

Birth trauma

Rebirthing sessions repair the physical, mental and emotional damage produced at birth as a result of the struggle to take the first breath.

Although t birth may naturally be a difficult time, the main pain is usually caused by the lack of sensitivity and ignorance by the professionals involved, plus the possible fears and tension of the parents. This is the main reason why people subventilate when they breathe, their respiratory mechanism is inhibited because they repress the fear they felt at birth.

During birth, when we take the first breath, we crystallize this first experience of the physical world and draw many conclusions about ourselves and the world.

Our natal script conditions the rest of our lives; the natal script corresponds to the period that goes from conception to the first months of the baby’s life.

The type of parenting we have received may have strengthened or weakened the birth trauma.

The Parental disapproval syndrome

When we are born we depend completely on our parents. Their care and attention are necessary for our survival. As babies we learn to know what they like.
If parents disapprove of a child’s behavior, if love, attention, sometimes also food or presence is withdrawn, the child feels terrified and insecure. It learns from a young age that it is better to do what parents like and start to disconnect from what they themselves need and want. This conditioning is usually carried into adulthood. We continue to want to please others, look for their approval. We have the terrifying memory of losing love. We do not realize that we lose the most important thing with this behavior: we lose ourselves. It is a state where anxiety and depression are born. Disconnection from ourselves is a serious consequence of seeking approval outside in the first place.
There are also children who opted for the opposite. They seek attention through disapproval because this was the way parents noticed them. This learned mechanism for getting attention continues to show as an adult but does not bring any results – just like seeking approval. They are all repetitive mechanisms that bring problems and disharmony to our relationships.

The subconscious impulse of death

It is a psychological structure that contains the most destructive emotions, memories and human thoughts.

We need practices that strengthen our life impulse and weaken our death impulse.

School trauma

The vast majority of schools and educational programs do not respect the uniqueness of the individual, treating everyone equally and cutting off the abilities and gifts of each child.

Classes are stipulated with repetitive methodologies, students can be punished or rewarded, there are no subjects related to the emotional field and the creative subjects related to ordinary life are practically non-existent. Not to mention spiritual development.

In this environment we spend a large part of our childhood, we learn to disconnect, seek the approval of teachers and live in fear of their punishment.

Religion trauma

Most religions have the idea of ​​Divinity with dogmas and limiting attributes, which leads many people to reach erroneous and negative conclusions about God, about life and about spirituality.

Many concepts and beliefs that are rooted in religion are very damaging to our emotional stability, as the idea of ​​being guilty or the spiritual life as a life of sacrifice.

Past Lives

One of the aspects of the spiritual path is the healing of past memories, learning from our mistakes and forgiving ourselves without blaming other people.

During the breathing cycles, it may happen that people connect with past life experiences. In Rebirthing we do not force these memories to happen, but they happen when they need to happen