Rebirther Training

Training is a path of self-knowledge that is open to anyone interested in and committed to their own well-being and healing, and who wants to live in peace with themselves and others. Secondly, it is a professional training to support with this tool the growth and healing of other people and to put themselves at the service of humanity, according to will and disposition.
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Personal and Professional Training

“When I did my Rebirther Training I never thought I would use Rebirthing as a profession. But as I saw the changes occurring in my life, I knew I had to share this with the world.””

Silke Modersohn


Director of PURA VIDA TENERIFE, International Breathwork and Self-esteem Center

The training offers you

The ability to handle and comprehend in depth the functioning of the mind and creative thinking and the practice of conscious and connected breathing – its purifying, liberating and integrating power.

Development of Training

The training consists of 30 days intensive training, which can be split into different parts according to the needs of the trainee.
In order to free yourself and heal, and then support others in their healing, you receive 10 private sessions and a mastery training related to the basic topics in life.

The 10 private sessions help healing and transforming the personal process of the client. It is always about family history, relationship problems, work difficulties and health. Apart from healing the goal is to be able to do sessions without support in order to accompany yourself in challenging moments and healing. And then of course you can support others also.

Mastery training of the following topics:

  • Breath
  • Birth
  • Infancy
  • Self-esteem
  • Relationships
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity
  • Professional Success
  • The Path to Peace
  • The 4 Elements for higher Life Energy and Purification.


The training can be booked with or without staying in the centre.

Give me a fish and I will eat today, teach me how to fish and I will always eat.

– Chinese proverb

The training is for you

If you want more wellbeing and happiness in your life
If you want to enlighten your shadows
If you want to live your truth and let go of false beliefs
If you want to free yourself from your family conditioning

The training is for each age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or physical condition.
The training is for parents who want to serve as a model of wellbeing and happiness.
The training is for people who work in the health sector and want to learn an efficient tool.
The training is for people who want to be at service to humanity.
The training is for Rebirthers who want to deepen their experience and knowledge.


Price of the training:
1950€,only trainig.
2400€ room included.

If you want to do fractional payment plans, just let me know. There is always a way of doing things in a way that suits everybody. Phone: 620641200 / email:

Diploma issued by the International Breathwork and Self-Esteem Center PURA VIDA TENERIFE
endorsed by Rebirthing Breathwork International.